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Time for the Blog Review

blogIf you have a blog, you need to at least once a year (normally at end of year, calendar or fiscal), to review it to see if changes need to be made to it.  Get the marketing team together, brainstorm about your blog and document changes you want to make to it.  Discuss what worked, what you are excited about in your blog, what took you the longest to do and are you happy  with your blog writers (even if it is you).

“You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.” – James Burke, Science Historian

I would break your review into 4 parts, and maybe break these parts into separate brainstorming meetings:

  1. Goals and Feelings
  2. Content
  3. Design and Tools
  4. Promotion and Measurement

In regards to the blog goals and feelings, discuss the following:

  • Did you meet your goals for the blog
  • What should your new goals be
  • What were your mistakes that you made that made you miss your goals
  • What is your overall feeling about your blog
  • What could you have done better
  • How much time was devoted to the blog content creation, posting and promotion

In regards to blog content, discuss the following:

  • Did you have the right content
  • Was the length of the blog posts the right length
  • How were the images
  • What about the titles
  • What were the most popular posts
  • What were the least popular posts
  • Who wrote the blog posts
  • What comments did you get on the posts and how was your response to these comments
  • How were your key words in the posts
  • How were the calls to action in the posts
  • How was the blog integrated into your campaigns
  • Should any posts be retired
  • Should any posts be updated
  • Can you re-purpose any posts

In regards to blog design and tools, discuss the following:

  • Are you happy with your blogging platform
  • Are you satisfied with the site that you get your images
  • Are you happy with your blogging design template
  • Is your blog reader friendly and pleasing to the eye
  • Have you stayed consistent with colors and fonts
  • Is it time to split off and create a new blog
  • Is your blog description still correct
  • Does your blog match your brand
  • Do you have the proper social media sharing for your blog
  • Are you doing enough linking to other blog posts and your website

In regards to blog promotion and measurement, discuss the following:

  • Who is your blog audience (customers, partners, influencers, prospects)
  • How did you get your blog in front of new readers
  • How can you be more efficient and effective in your blog promotion
  • How are you measuring the blog currently and what were the results
  • Any changes necessary to the measurements in the future
  • How quickly can you do these measurements
  • How are you communicating these measurements to others

If you haven’t already do so already and if you have a blog, now is the time to get the team together to discuss blog goals, feelings, content, design, tools, promotion and measurement.  Make your blog even better in the upcoming year.  Hope that this post was helpful.  Would love to hear comments on your blog review.




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