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Lessons About Life, Enterprise, from Baking Christmas Cookies

Tom Peters wrote this great blog post that had this title of “Lessons About Life, Enterprise, from Baking Christmas Cookies.”  Highly recommend you reading it.  It is located at: http://tompeters.com/blogs/freestuff/uploads/CookieBakingLessons122407.pdf


He wrote it in 1988 and it still applies today.  And it is one of the few blog posts that I printed off and keep in mind.  Tom is an expert on management and is someone that I follow.

He created the term “Managing by Wandering Around”.  I still follow that suggestion. In touch or bust. Make sure to stop by and talk to my employees often, visit clients and visit partners.

Here are a few quotes of Tom’s that I agree with:

  • “The problem is rarely the problem, the response to the problem is.”
  • “The very notion of ‘professional services’ hinges upon the … IDEA OF INTEGRITY.”
  • “Small courtesies. Kindness = Repeat Business = Profit.”
  • “To put the customer first is to put our people ahead of the customer.”
  • “The competition ain’t the competition: We beat ourselves.”
  • “Execution is a game of inches – Relentless wins!”

So, I am semi-cheating here.  I am not writing an original blog post.  Just providing some thoughts on the great post that Tom wrote which are:

  1. Engagement.  Don’t just talk.  Do.  A manager needs to get involved in the real tasks with their direct reports.
  2. A Plan.  Have a simple recipe to give direction.
  3. Art.   A plan is nice but be flexible.  It’s those little tweeks that really make a difference.
  4. Trial and Errors.  Embrace mistakes.  I became a better writer by my trial and errors with my blog.
  5. The Same Mistakes.  Learn from your mistakes.
  6. A sense of Humor.  It is OK to laugh at yourself and have fun with members of your team.  Don’t be too serious.
  7. Perseverance.  Be focused.  Focus on doing excellent marketing activities or whatever is your job function.
  8. Perfectionism.  Be creative and strive for perfection.
  9. Ownership.  There is no half ownership.  If you are the owner of a task you are responsible for it.
  10. Accountability.  “Until you’re engaged in all aspects of a job, you don’t fully engage.”
  11. Taste.  I do love Christmas cookies.

Hope you enjoyed this post and Tom’s post.  Happy holidays and happy eating.

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