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Content Workflow and Tools


There are many  things that need to happen for a successful content engine including workflows and tools.  This post will cover these topics and hopefully they will aid you in achieving your content goals no matter if you are at a law firm, a non-profit organization or a B2B technology company.  Marketing is a process.  Content creation is key for your Inbound Marketing strategy.You, your team and your organization need to have the right systems in place so that they can stay focused on their responsibilities and tasks.  Make sure the content team knows the content workflow so the content engine can be as efficient and productive as possible.

Writers need to be channeled in the right direction marketing-wise if they are to produce efficient and effective content for your audience. Content team members will benefit from having an established framework for reviewing of content and distribution of content which tied together are part of an content workflow.

Content Workflow

Most content needs to go thru a workflow similar to this:

  • Group determines campaign and the content for campaign with deadlines
  • Editor/manager assigns post topic to writer
  • Writer creates draft
  • Writer notifies editor/manager it is ready for review
  • Editor/manager and other reviewers provides feedback
  • Writer makes final edits
  • Graphic person formats content
  • Editor/manager reviews formatted content
  • Content is distributed and posted to website

Not only does a workflow give your team clarity on who’s involved in content marketing, what specific tasks need to be completed, and in what order they should ideally be tackled, this structure can help identify opportunities to streamline your process or to make temporary adjustments in response to an unexpected delay or rush request.  Every content type should have a documented workflow that everyone on the team follows.

 Content Tools

For great content creation and to maintain a high content standard you need great tools including:

  • Marketing Automation Solution
    Some examples include Hubspot, Marketo, ACT-ON or at a minimum you need an email systems such as Constant Contact.  This tool will do the email send out of the content via email and social media as well as provide the measurements for your campaigns and content.
  • Project Management Software
    Some examples include Basecamp, Wrike, Jira or at a minimum a spreadsheet.  This tool will allow you to keep track of all the various content-related projects and tasks that are currently going on.
  • Style Guide
    This document outlines the tone, voice and grammar standards that the writers need to follow in the content production in order to maintain a consistent level of quality across all of the content pieces.
  • Marketing or Editorial Calendar
    This calendar can be as simple as in a spreadsheet of the content you wish to produce or you can have it in a public Outlook calendar or hopefully in a solution like HubSpot.  This at a glance calendar allows you to view conflicts for content delivery or content resource overload.
  • Contributor Guidelines
    If you plan to work with multiple content creators, you should outline your criteria for accepting submissions, including the stylistic, technical, and topical requirements for your content program. This document can also be used by your company’s content creators (both those within and outside the marketing team) to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to acceptable ideas and those that might fall outside your normal content creation.

Creating content is not easy.  It needs an organized team that has an established workflow and the necessary tools to do their job.  Hopefully this posted helped with that.  Let me know your thoughts on great content creation.


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