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How Should Law Firms Measure Social Media


For each social media network (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook) you use you should set goals and indicators that will prove the effort that you are putting on these channels.  Focus on awareness, interaction and conversions in your social media activities.

Social media should increase the awareness of your law firm.   This means increasing the number of fans and followers on the social media networks.  Determine a goal for each of the social media networks a goal of the number you want increased in a months time.  Social media should also increase the website and blog traffic by driving folks there via the social media posts.  Determine a goal of the number you wanted increased for the website and blog traffic.  Make sure you create a baseline and know how many you are getting now (thru social media and not thru social media).

Social media should increase interaction with the firm’s community (clients, legal community and prospective clients).  Usually the more interaction you have the more possibility of a conversion from prospect to client.  This interaction is measured by the number of comments, mentions and shares of the social media posts.

Social media should increase the number of conversions which are the movements between stages that someone interested in your legal services goes through.  This could be someone that is your contact database that shows enough interest in your firm that they are now converted (conversion) to a prospect status (Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL).  Measure the number of conversions that occurs due to social media. These will predominantly due to a website request for a consultation which converts someone from contact status to MQL or prospective client status.

Track these measurements on a monthly basis and compare monthly as well as year over year.  Using a spreadsheet to do this is acceptable.  Put in a reminder in your Outlook or day timer to do this measurement at the beginning of the month.  Each social media network has ways to provide you with these measurement numbers.

Awareness and interaction does not mean additional clients  but does improve the likelihood.

Choose your social media measurements wisely.  Remember you don’t need to get bogged down in too many measurements.  There are tools such as HubSpot that can assist.  Take some time to choose your goals and indicators.  What works for one law firm may not work for you.

What goals and indicators are MOST important to you to measure?  I would love to find out.  Please comment back to me.






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