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Gain Clients with Email and Social Media Marketing


Many law firms and other professional services organizations seek to find the right marketing strategies and tactics to gain clients.  This post will cover the elements necessary for successful campaigns using email and social media marketing.  Marketing is more effective when the content elements are integrated.

A campaign (single activity or multiple activities) is intended to drive an action that benefits your law firm such as getting a prospective client to click on a website for more information, attend a webinar or requesting a meeting to discuss possible legal services.

For any campaign, it is necessary to set the goal and objective.  The goal for a campaign could be something like “reach new clients” or “inform current clients of new legal specialty”.    The objective for a campaign could be something like “get 10 new client consultations and convert at least 50% of those into paid clients by the end of the calendar year”.  Setting the marketing goal and objective for a campaign should be done first before any actual work on the campaign is started.

After the goal and objective are finalized and the campaign is approved to start then the following needs to be done:

  1. Choose the campaign type (offer, event invitation, announcement, etc.)
  2. Determine offer, if applicable (discount, downloadable content, consultation, etc.)
  3. Decide on the content necessary (blog post, case study, video, Twitter posts, Facebook post, etc.) – a good rule of thumb is that 80% of campaign content (and social media posts) should be informational and only 20% should be promotional.  Turn your prospect questions into content.  Make sure all the campaign components have the same look and consistent offer
  4. Select what marketing channels to use (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  5. Schedule your social media posts mentioning your campaign contents
  6. If email used, finalize the following:
    • Subject line (or lines if testing on different subject lines being done)
    • Send out day (or days if list split into 2)
    • Send out time (or times if list split into 2)

When the above is determined and finalized then execute the campaign.

After the campaign is completed (or during the campaign if it is a multi-month campaign) review the measurable results such as email sends, email opens, email clicks, which subject line had better results, better date send out, better time send out and goal numbers (such as possible client visits or number of new clients gained).

You want to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.  And thru the right channels.  To do this you need to determine the goals and objectives  for the campaigns.  And you need to determine how to use social media and email activities in the campaigns.

Hope this post helps in creating campaigns using content creation, email marketing and social media marketing.



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