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Lawyers, Please Firm Up Your Digital Presence Now!

googlepresenceYou are a great lawyer.  Maybe you are at a one lawyer firm or a small law firm.  You need new clients.  But one thing you have not focused on is your digital presence.  And this digital presence is key in attracting new clients.  You need to firm up your digital presence immediately and take control of it.


Anything on the internet about a particular person or organization, whether posted by them or others, is digital presence.  This includes social media networks, websites and mentions in articles/posts/photos.  As you can see this is very important for law firms and lawyers.  It is important for your reputation, brand, client retention and prospecting of new clients.  Make sure that your digital presence clearly states why you are in business, what differentiates you from other lawyers and why someone should care.  You want engagement from individuals that might want to use your legal services or from individuals that can pass you business such as other lawyers.


Having a strong, positive digital presence will have many benefits:

Create Visibility –You don’t want your law firm to be a secret.  You want prospective clients to find your firm easily so that they can find out what you do and how you can help them.

Establish Knowledge – Convey your legal knowledge and expertise. You want to build trust which is what a client prospect wants in a lawyer.

Build Rapport – Show prospective clients that you are a real person, a legal professional and you have something that could help them.

Positive First Impression – Most people will search for a lawyer online first before contacting them.  Make sure what they see is accurate, engaging and makes an impression.

Available 7×24 -Your digital presence is always ready to offer information for those seeking your services. It’s there working for you even when you’re not and has no geographical boundaries.

Research Your Presence

I know it is a little strange but check what others can see about you. Search for your name and law firm using Google or other search engines.  See what information already exists about you. If you want to regularly get notified of mentions set up Google Alerts which give automatic updates at https://www.google.com/alerts.


Do not try to firm up your digital presence all at once.  You have lawyering stuff to do.  It is OK to divide and conquer doing the firming up in phases.  Here are my suggested phases:

A 1st phase of your digital presence should be your LinkedIn profile and website.

LinkedIn – It is the largest professional networking site in the world.  It is where people will go after they meet you at an event or if someone mentions you as someone that could do legal services for them.  Make sure you have an updated photo and bio on your personal LinkedIn account.  And make sure that the firm’s LinkedIn page has up to date information so the firm can be found by client prospects.  It is no cost to do this LinkedIn setup. Just your time.

Website – You need a law firm website that clearly states what you do, who you are and why the firm should be chosen for legal services.  This could cost you some money in regards to acquiring a domain, web hosting and content/image creation.  Make sure that the website is done from a prospective client’s point of view.  Provide them with your specialties.  Provide them testimonials of clients and examples of your cases.  Keep it simple at first.  Make sure that you are using the right key words in your web content so your site can be found when searches are done.

Later phases (break them up into multiple phases if necessary) on your digital presence would be:

  • Setting up or expanding use of your other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Getting listed in directories with the most up to date information
  • Creating content that shows knowledge and expertise.  And posting in various places that will be most beneficial to potential clients
  • Expanding the content on your website and keeping it fresh
  • Adding to your LinkedIn profile.  This includes getting recommendations and connecting with more individuals.  The better your profile is the more easily it is found and the more impressive it will be when found

Every law firm and lawyer is different.  Tailor your digital presence that fits you and your target clients.  If you do not have the time or expertise to work on your digital presence then please contact a marketing consultant or firm to assist you.

Don’t let the idea of your digital presence scare you. Sure, the internet is vast, but there are things you can do to manage it. Like anything else, it is something you will get comfortable with and your digital presence knowledge will become second nature to you.

What is holding you back from creating this kind of digital presence? Is it your knowledge in this area or lack of time.  Let me know.

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