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A Month of Blogging



At the end of June, 2016, I set a personal goal to write a blog post every day in July.

I am proud to say that I accomplished that goal.   Yeah!!!!

Why did I set this goal?  A few reasons:

  1. Wanted to improve my writing skills and show my writing ability
  2. Wanted to show my expertise in various areas including product marketing, event management and inbound marketing as well as increase my knowledge in these areas
  3. Wanted to make sure I stay organized and focused on a project that I can see to completion

It was not easy to do these 31 posts.

Topics were easy.  The blog posts are a combination of personal and marketing related posts.  Whatever sparked my interest at the time.  I would see an article or a white paper or have a discussion with someone that would spark an idea for a post.  I would add it to my spreadsheet of possible blog posts. You need to stay organized to do consistent blog posting.

One of the most difficult parts of this was selecting images for each post.  Thanks to Adam for reminding me how important images are to blog posts.  Some of the topics did not have an obvious image that came to my mind.  So it would take a while to review possible photos.

Thanks everyone who commented and liked my posts.  Made my day when I saw them.  It is nice that WordPress automatically posts to LinkedIn.

A few thoughts before you embark on having a blog:

  1. Make sure you have the desire.  If you are just doing it because someone tells you to do it, then don’t start a blog.
  2. Be organized and plan your efforts.  Get your tools in place such as what site you will get your images from.
  3. You have time.  If you are just starting a new job or moving into a new house then don’t start a blog.  Don’t add that extra stress to your life.
  4. You want to engage with others.  A blog can be personal but it is meant to be read by others and for others to comment back.
  5. You are sure about your image.  Make sure your blog fits you.  If you want to be perceived as a professional person, don’t have a blog about partying.  Make sure that the image you want and the image of the blog are the same.

Glad it is over.   I am proud of my achievement. I will do blog posts in the future but not every day.  Feel free to let me know how I did. Wish every happy blogging.

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