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Services Campaigns – Better Together

IMG_0965Services marketing is different from marketing a product.  To do a services campaign you need more than marketing team members for it to be successful.  You need the services folks to contribute. A service sell is built on trust.  To gain trust you need to show expertise and competence.  You do this by showing the quality of the services you provide and the quality of the individuals providing this service.


A services campaign is definitely  better together.

Let me document an example of how to do a successful services campaign:

  1. First you need to determine what campaigns are possible in regards to selling services.  Marketing team members and Professional Services team members (which includes lawyers if at a law firm) should get together and discuss the possible campaigns and prioritize which ones to to do 1st.
  2. Then Marketing does its thing.  First figure out the components to the 1st campaign.  A standard services campaign could include 3 blog posts, a landing page, 2 webinars, an eBook, social media posts and mentions in client newsletters.  Then determine when those components need to be done and get them on the marketing calendar.  Document the campaign plan and objectives.  Distribute the information to the marketing and services folks affected by this plan to gather feedback.    Make sure that you determine the lead score for each of the campaign components.
  3. Work with services on their part of the plan such as who is doing the blog posts and webinars.  Finalize the titles for the posts and the webinar.
  4. Schedule the webinars.  Make sure that the title and description is interesting.  Repeat the same webinar on 2 different days and 2 different times so that you can attract different individuals to the webinar.  The webinar should be educational and not salesy. Do a social media post regarding the webinars.
  5. Create the landing page.  Make sure that you have the bios of the blog post writers on the landing page.  The call to action for those that come to the landing page is for them to register for one of the webinars.  Every time one of the three blog posts is published the landing page will need to be updated.
  6. On release of the 1st blog post send a targeted email to those in your contact list that would be interested in your company’s services.  Continue with these targeted emails for the 2nd and 3rd blog posts.
  7. On the release of the 3 blog posts, do social media posts about the blog posts.
  8. Mention the blog posts and webinars to your existing customers who might be interested in the service  in your newsletter to customers.
  9. On completion of the 3rd blog post, turn the 3 blog posts over to your graphics team and have them create an eBook with these 3 posts since they are related to the same subject.  Remove any specific mention of your company, your company’s services and your company’s products in the body of the eBook.  Remember that the eBook should be educational and not salesy.  At the end of the ebook should be the bios for the 3 individuals who did the posts and information about your company.
  10. Release the eBook as part of a Paid LinkedIn Sponsored Update.  Determine who this update should be seen by.  Determine the amount you want to spend on the update. Make adjustments quickly as the updates do cost money.
  11. Before completion of the 1st services campaign, make sure you create the plan for the 2nd services campaign so that there is no gap between the campaigns.
  12. Review the campaign as a team and determine changes that should be made in future campaigns.

For effective services campaigns, marketing needs help from the services team (IT consultants, lawyers, implementation specialists, etc.) to show expertise and build trust.  The services team will need to deliver their blog posts on time or the campaign will get off track.  The reusing of content to create the eBook saves time but also can be leveraged for a new target audience that might not know your company’s expertise in a service that they might need.

Hope that this post was helpful.  Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on how you do a successful services campaign.

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