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Nurture Marketing for Growing Sales


The Sales Team needs to focus on Opportunities and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).  The Marketing Team needs to focus on nurturing prospects to make them qualified for Sales Team engagement.  This nurture marketing is also called drip marketing.  In this post I will share some thoughts on how to do effective nurture campaigns.

What makes nurture marketing effective is its ability to automate thoughtful, targeted communications based on prospects’ own activities and interests. Buyers expect sellers to know what they like and what they don’t.  That is why buyer personas are important, especially for nurture campaigns.

Sales team members needs to assist Marketing by closing opportunities when there is no hope of converting to a sale at that time.  Sales team members needs to assist Marketing by returning Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) back to Marketing when there is no hope of converting to a SQL.  Those returned to Marketing contacts should be added to future nurture campaign lists.

A common type of a nurture campaign is thought leadership.  Engage prospects with content that is relevant to their needs and interests.  Show them that you are knowledgeable about their business and pain points.  And this content will keep you top of mind when they are ready to buy.

Here are some suggestions for powerful, effective nurture marketing campaigns:

  1. Have the right lists – You will need to create lists of your contacts that are not opportunities, MQLs or SQLs so that you can send them relevant content.  If you can’t do this list creation, fix your data so that you can.  Without a list there is no drip.
  2. Deliver the right content – This is top of funnel (TOF) content to get prospects interested in taking the buyer’s journey.  I feel that you need around 9 content pieces for an effective nurture campaign.  These can be blog posts, links to videos, case studies and eBooks.  I suggest one touch a month for 9 months for an effective nurture campaign.  The objective of the content is to provide information regarding the prospect’s needs or pain points.  You need to deliver content that is educational and interesting to prospects on a regular basis so that your organization stays top of mind until they are ready to purchase.  Make sure that the content is easily sharable with other decision makers at the prospect’s organization.
  3. Have a system in place – For successful nurture marketing you need a marketing automation solution (such as HubSpot, Marketo, etc.) that enables the engagement with prospects and guides them from initial interest to becoming a MQL.   A marketing automation solution allows you to create the workflow of when to send out the content and executes the necessary actions to do on prospect engagement (or lack of engagement).  The marketing automation solution will stop nurturing a prospect when the prospect’s lead score has made them a MQL which requires a different marketing and sales effort.  The marketing automation solution will also measure the campaign effectiveness including email opens and conversions to MQL status.

Remember that not all organizations are ready to purchase your product or service offerings.  But you want to stay in touch with the organizations that are not ready to buy, just so that when they are, your organization is top of mind and they will engage with you.  Remember to have your lists created, have the right content available and have a marketing automation solution in place for a successful nurture campaign.  Hope this post helped and let me know your thoughts regarding nurture or drip marketing.


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