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Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing Part 2 – What to Do With Them


BuyIn this 2 part series we are discussing buyer personas and their importance to inbound marketing efforts as well as for increasing sales or getting clients for your legal services or getting additional donors for your non-profit. In part 1 we discussed how to create them while the focus of this post will be on what to do with them once created.

Always remember that your buyers are human beings.

You have spent all this time, effort and money on the creation of a few personas, now what?

  1. Present persona to Sales and Marketing Teams – Schedule a time when you can get the two teams together (in person or online).  The owner of the persona should create a few PowerPoint slides highlighting the persona – who they are and what are their pain points.  And tell the team members where the persona resides for further review and use.  Expect feedback and embrace the feedback.  The goal is to make the persona as accurate as possible and new information can come from anywhere.
  2. Create marketing materials for buyer throughout the buyer’s journey – Review your current marketing materials (videos, case studies, blog posts, etc.) and see what can be used for this buyer.  Look at if this material is Top of Funnel (TOF), Middle of Funnel (MOF), or Bottom of Funnel (BOF).  If missing content at any stage of the funnel, create a task to create the marketing material so there is something available for this buyer throughout the buyer’s journey.
  3. Insert personas in Marketing Automation solution (such as HubSpot) – Most Marketing Automation solutions require that you create a persona for campaigns.  If you have not already done so, add the persona to your tool.  And then create campaigns for these buyers including nurture campaigns with the content you identified or created.
  4. Regular review and update of personas – The persona is a living document.  It will change as you get new information.  Maybe this persona changed due to a new government requirement.  These personas should be used by sales and marketing team members so must be accurate.  Make sure that persona review is done at least once a year.  If it changes radically make sure that you schedule a combined sales and marketing meeting to discuss the changes.
  5. Add personas to new employee training – Remember that new sales executives and marketing staff members are being hired all the time.  Make sure that reviewing the buyer personas is on the new employee training list.  Make sure that they know where they are located.

I hope that this post and the previous post on buyer personas assisted you in your sales and marketing efforts.  You now should know how to create them and what to do with them.  They are not easy projects but they will be well worth the effort.  Let me know how your buyer persona efforts went.

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