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Organization Videos – Show Time Part 2



This post is part 2 of a two part blog post series on the value of videos for an organization (a company, law firm or non-profit) and how to create these videos effectively and efficiently.  Part 1 discussed the reasons for your organization to have videos and the different types of videos.  Here is the link to that post.  This blog post will discuss how to select a video vendor and how to make the videos more effective.

So how do you select a video vendor?

Well, my friend, Jayson Duncan, who is Chief Storyteller of Miller Farm Media, wrote an excellent blog post on “Eleven Tips for Hiring a Video Production Agency“. Check it out.

Here are some additional thoughts from me:

  • Get feedback from other team members including what vendors to contact.
  • Pick a selection team and discuss the objectives.  Publicly put the objectives where others can see them.   And firm up the 3 video vendors that will be brought in.
  • Don’t waste the video vendors’ time.  Be prepared. Know what your budget will be for video and what you want to accomplish.
  • Meet with the 3 video vendors and have them show you some examples.  Also have them give you an estimated quote for a project so that you know if you are in alignment with them in regards to pricing.
  • Have the selection team meet, vote on their choices.  Pick the vendor that is the best fit or make the decision to look for more candidates.

Make sure that your vendor is knowledgeable, has the necessary equipment and is the right culture fit.  It probably will be an obvious choice.

How do you make your videos more effective?

  • Where it makes sense, use graphic pictures, voice over and music so that the compelling message can be conveyed.
  • Be engaging.
  • Don’t make them too long.  People are busy. Keep it short. Even if it’s got humor; because after someone laughs they’re ready to move on.
  • It should always be about the viewer and not your organization.
  • Pick a style that fits your target audience.  You need to identify your target audience and determine what videos would work best for the audience.
  • Be consistent with branding and messaging.
  • Post your videos on YouTube but also post the videos on another video hosting service such as Wistia.  You can do better call to actions and tracking with Wistia which also integrates with HubSpot Marketing Automation Solution.
  • Be nimble.  Don’t do a year long video plan and budget for a certain type of videos.  Take advantage of opportunities.

Hope that these 2 blog posts helped you understand why your organization should have videos, the types of videos available, how to select a video vendor and the best way to make the videos effective.  Feel free to let me know what are your thoughts on videos for organizations.

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