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Organization Videos – Show Time Part 1

VideoThis post is part 1 of a 2 part blog post series on the value of videos for an organization (a law firm, company or non-profit) and how to create these videos effectively and efficiently. The two post series will discuss the following:

  • Reasons for your organization to have videos
  • Different types of videos and their purpose
  • How to select a video vendor
  • How to make the videos more effective

So why do videos?

  • Not all people are paper readers.  People do not read as much.  Many are now watchers and love short, entertaining, informative and authentic videos.
  • Videos are an important piece in your branding.  Use them to improve your brand.
  • YouTube has a huge audience. And not just folks in the under-21 age group. Don’t ignore this marketing channel and the number of people that love video.  If your organization does not have a YouTube channel, create one now.
  • The power of receiving your information through someone’s mouth, or moving pictures, is incredible. A video done by an organization should feel like a conversation to the intended audience.  A video is more personal then reading a PDF fact sheet.  There is more connection.  You can feel the passion.  The video should not be CEO speak and it should encompass the messages and branding of the organization.  Let them know what you do.  Make them understand. A video can tell the story better than any piece of paper.

So what are the different types of videos that are effective for organizations?

  1. Client testimonial videos – Prospects gain trust in your organization when they see that others have tried your product/service and are willing to put themselves on video saying great things about your organization.  End users say it better and are more trusting than if a vendor says it.
  2. Product videos – Usually these are screen capture videos (using something like Camtasia to create) and a person walking thru a demo of a product.  An effective tactic is to do one of these about the 10 ten benefits of the product.  Usually a person  knowledgeable in the product with a great voice is doing the demonstration.
  3. Organization introduction video – These are usually a short video (I would say no more than 2 and a half minutes in length) that can be shown at conferences and on the organization’s website describing what the organization does.  It needs to convey the   organization’s branding, tag line and messaging.  This video should show energy and passion as well as be engaging and entertaining.
  4. Fun animation videos – Some organizations know who to do fun videos, often using animation, that entertain individuals so that they want to learn more about the company, products and services.  Sometimes these can be cartoons and done in a series to keep engagement going.
  5. Booth videos – Some organizations exhibit at trade shows and have booths where a video can be running trying to get people to stop by.  These videos should be in a loop and not more than 5 minutes in length.  The video should show what you do, what you are giving away and what you are presenting on.  Also it should have consistent branding and messaging with the other marketing materials in the booth.
  6. Internal videos or videos that do not have a sales intent – Examples of these types of videos include why working at organization is awesome, explaining organization culture and explaining the community service activities of organization.

The next part of this blog series on organization videos will discuss how to select a video vendor to work with and some tips to make the videos more effective.  Here is link to that post.  In this post the reasons for videos was covered along with some of the different types of videos.  Feel free to comment back on your video experiences.

Photo credit: StockSnap.io (58)

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