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Net Promoter Score Surveys for Marketing

archiveIn marketing, you want to know who your evangelist customers are, your promoters, your advocates. How do you know who they are?  This is where the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey can be used.

The NPS survey asks one simple question:
How likely are you to recommend our product/service/company to friends and colleagues?

This survey should be sent to one fourth of your customer base every quarter.  That way you have surveyed your entire customer base in a calendar year.  And you are getting feedback 4 times a year instead of once a year if only 1 massive survey is done.  Management at your company should review the results of each NPS survey and make any necessary adjustments.

Feel free to use SurveyMonkey as the tool to do your NPS survey.  They have a template for it.

Every quarter a marketing manager should review the survey results, look at the comments and focus on the individuals that replied back to the question with a 9 or a 10.  These are your evangelists.So what should marketing do with these evangelists, your so called promoters.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Affiliate Program

If you have an affiliate or referral program, then these promoters are the people that should be in the program.  So make sure  that they are invited to join or sign them up so that they get added benefit for being a gung ho customer.

2. Community

If you have a community where customers share information, these promoters are the individuals you want contributing.  Make sure that they know about the community and have access to it.

3. Newsletter

Hopefully, you are in constant contact with your customer base.  Usually this is done with an electronic newsletter sent out on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly).  Make sure that these advocates get the newsletter so that they can stay up to date on the company activities, products and services.

4. Testimonials

Ask these advocates for a testimonial.  Maybe they are not allowed to give testimonials.  But it does not hurt to ask.  It can be a video testimonial when they are attending your next user conference or it can be a written testimonial that you can be placed on the company’s website.

5. Reference

Ask these advocates to be a reference.  The Sales Team always needs references.  Keep a master list of references and try not use the same references all the time.

6. Case Study

Ask these advocates if you can do a case study on them and their use of your product and/or service.  If allowed by their organization, it will just take a quick interview with them to gather the necessary information for a writer to create the case study which are powerful sales and marketing tools.

7. Blog Post

Look to see if you can get the promoter’s name mentioned in an upcoming blog post.  People love to see their name in print or digitally.  Insert a quote or mention in a blog post what the promoter did at their organization.  Or ask if they could submit a blog post for your organization’s blog.

8. Webinar Presentation

Ask these promoters if they could co-present on a webinar.  Prospects would rather hear from an end user than a vendor.

9. Conference Presentation

Do you have a user conference where clients get to present?  If so, make sure that you make a special request to these promoters that you would love it if they presented at the user conference.  And make sure that you video tape their session as their information presented could be blog post or case study material.  Or if you get a call for presentation from an event that your company will be exhibiting at, reach out to these promoters and see if they will co-present with someone from your organization.  Prospects would rather hear from an end user than a vendor.  Stress that presenting is good for them professionally.

10. Send Them Stuff

Every one likes SWAG.  Did you know that this is an acronym for Stuff We All Get?  People love stuff that shows off the brands they most admire. Hats and t-shirts work.  Stuff that they can have on their desks also work such as mouse pads and coffee mugs.  If you have built a product or service that people feel that way about, then get them branded SWAG.

Don’t let the score be the end of your NPS survey. Strengthen your relationship with your promoters.  Identify your most excited promoters and give them specific instructions on what to do next. Don’t be bashful with them as they they have already opened the door by giving you a great score.

Do you have other ways to engage with promoters that we haven’t mentioned? if so, please reply back in a comment!

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