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Do Your Personal Marketing Plan

You spend all day marketing your organization or helping others market themselves. You’re obviously passionate about marketing.  You have developed these wonderful skills to help others get the word out about their organization, their products or their services.

But what about you?  Are you marketing yourself properly?  Have you created a marketing plan on yourself that you are executing on?  If not, start!  This post will give you some suggestions on plan creation and the reasons why.


I know you are busy, but honestly it makes little sense to work so hard for others and not bother to do the same things for yourself.  Remember that you will probably not have an advocate that is going to promote you as well as you can.  Take control of your image.  Perception is reality.  Give others the accurate representation of yourself.

Marketing yourself should not only be when you need a new job.  It should be all the time. Take on marketing yourself as your personal challenge and an ongoing project with no end date. Creating a name and reputation for yourself, especially in the organization you  you work for (and maybe outside your organization as well), shapes your future.  There is a symbiotic relationship between any organization you work for, not matter if law firm, B2B technology company or non-profit, and your personal brand.  Smart organizations embrace this behavior because they understand the value in nurturing talent.  It is a Win Win.

Very few people understand marketing and how difficult it is.  Everyone has marketing advice but very few individuals can do the marketing.  That makes it difficult in your promoting yourself.  You need to explain what marketing does, how difficult it is, why you do it so well with the team you have around you and how marketing benefits the organization.

Write you plan down.  Plans are usually more successful when written down and viewable often.  Keep in a place where you see it all the time.

So what should be part of this plan?  Well, consider the following:

  1. Consider doing blog posts.  Let others see your knowledge and your writing skills.  Let’s face it, a lot of marketing is writing and communicating.  Be heard.  It doesn’t have to be a personal blog.  If your company has a blog or others you know have a blog, feel free to ask  how you can contribute a post.  LinkedIn is a powerful tool.  Make sure that you are connected to others in your organization and post/comment to LinkedIn often so that your contribution can be seen.
  2. Consider doing presentations.  It can be lunch & learn presentation to others at your organization teaching them marketing.  Or you can present at conferences or local area events such as Chamber of Commerces.  Let others hear your knowledge and see your presentation skills.  Again, communication is key in marketing.  Be seen.
  3. Mentor others and contribute what you know to others.  Give back to others.  Don’t hoard knowledge.  Share ideas with peers.  Always be open for discussion and brain storming.  Make a list of who you should mentor and others that you should share more information with.  Remember, if your boss is not sharing your knowledge and promoting your greatness, you might have to find ways to share your knowledge and achievements not through your boss.  Part of your plan should be assisting others.  You gain respect when you help others.  You learn when you train others.  You show that you are a team player which is a great way to market yourself.
  4. Make sure that you market others, share their content, put them in the spotlight. Don’t even worry about directly promoting yourself.  The smartest way to market yourself is actually to make it not about you.  Look for opportunities to promote others.  Make it part of your mindset.  Email a job well done message to others and copy others this email.
  5. Email often.  Make sure that you email updates regarding any projects you are involved in.  Be the person invited to meetings as they want your contribution.  Email out meeting notes.  Be top of mind to others.  You want them to think, “Oh, I better <insert name> about this.
  6. Set tasks.  Whatever tasks you have in your personal marketing plan, make sure that they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based).

So, why have a plan and promote yourself? Here are some reasons:

  • Get promoted, get more money  or find a new job is the obvious answer.  It is a competitive world and it is the little things that matter when it comes to promotions, pay raises and who gets that coveted job.
  • You feel better about yourself.  It is nice to be respected and have others say good things about you.
  • Your success is your organization’s success.  People buy from people.  So if they like you and respect your work then there is a more likelihood to purchase.  And great people want to work for other great people.  So the more people are impressed with you the more attracted they will want to work with you.
  • Since you are known as a great marketing person (since you marketed yourself so well) you will be assigned the most rewarding tasks and projects.

You are the marketing professional.  Market yourself.  You have made marketing plans for companies.  Now, make one for yourself.  Hope that this post helped and got you started.  Let me know how it goes.

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  1. Khalil
    November 14, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Smart Idea and logic behind it

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