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Be Nimble for Inbound Marketing Success


The key  to getting results in Inbound Marketing especially increased number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) is being nimble in changing Inbound tactics from the marketing measurements you get.  Yearly marketing plans are now no more.  They have been replaced with quarterly plans and a more nimble marketing approach to planning.

Be nimble by doing the following:

  1. Having Shorter Term Goals for Marketing – Instead of year long goals look at setting quarterly goals after discussions with the other stakeholders (sales, product management, professional services, etc.).  Then identify the tasks to achieve these goals.  And if necessary, set monthly and weekly goals to make sure that the quarterly goals are achieved.  Everyone on the Marketing Team needs to understand the goals.
  2. Making Marketing Team More Collaborative – Better performance will occur on marketing goals, especially campaign creation, if the Marketing Team (and even outside contractors and agencies) collaborate regularly.  Make sure that everyone knows what everyone else is working on.  Together, the Marketing Team is more efficient, more effective and they will be more results oriented.
  3. More Generalists on Marketing Team – To be nimble you don’t have the luxury of knowing what you will be working on in the near future.  You will not have the time to train staff or search for outside consultants on new marketing tactics.  Therefore you need Marketing Team members who are generalists who can grab these new marketing requests and run with them.
  4. Implement a Fast Prioritization Methodology and Output – The Marketing Team should have the knowledge to set their quarterly goals.  Not Sales, not Product Management.  They  should have the input from stakeholders so that the goals will align with others.  They need to know the company goals.  And to achieve the quarterly goals the team needs to produce quickly.  Done is better than perfect.  Get content out, get data in and make adjustments.  As Seth Godin says “Ship It.”
  5. Review the Results Often and Make Adjustments – Results affect what the Marketing Team will be working on.  How many website views?  How many landing page visits?  What keywords are working?  How many conversions for this campaigns?  How many Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) did we get?  Measurements such as these are probably done on a weekly (no less than monthly) basis.  They should be reviewed by Marketing management and discussed with the team.  The team can then adjust to make the activities more effective.

Take the time to train the team on these nimble principles.  Remember that Inbound Marketing takes time to get results.  Feel free to comment on how your organization (no matter if B2B tech company, a non-profit org or a law firm) makes quick, nimble adjustments to get the necessary results in Marketing.

  1. November 15, 2016 at 12:23 am

    Good one! Thank you for sharing your experience, I found it helpful.

    • November 17, 2016 at 10:57 pm

      Thanks. Glad you found it helpful.

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