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Don’t Forget the Back Doors to Your Organization

An organization’s front door is the home page of their website.  It is where people are meant to enter to get information about your organization (especially if you a non-profit).  That is why you spent the most time making it look nice and having all the necessary information there as you enter it.

But now with Social Media there are now multiple doors that people can enter to get information about your organization that you need to worry about.


These other doors or other ways for information include the following:

  • Non-Home Website Pages
  • Twitter Profile Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • YouTube Channel Page
  • Company Blog Page

Individuals who use these other doors (the back doors) are usually different than the people that use the front door who are more traditionalists.  Back door people  are a different beast.  They are more comfortable with the back doors.  Each door needs it own campaign, monitoring, design, call to action and content. But should have consistent messaging, branding and information.

Home Page – When was the last time you went to the home page of an organization you were interested in? Maybe the first place you went was Facebook, after a friend shared something with you from the Facebook Page. Or maybe you googled the name of the organization after hearing about it at an event. Or maybe you clicked a link someone shared on Twitter. In all cases, your first visit was not the organization’s home page.

Non-Home Pages – Take a look at your web statistics (Google Analytics). What words are people using to find your site? What pages are being visited the most? If you’re not happy with what you find, start optimizing each page on your site with the words you want people use to find your organization.

Twitter – On Twitter, posts are short and real time, often with links to website pages or blog posts.  Make sure that your Twitter profile page has the proper messaging and branding.

LinkedIn – Many individuals use LinkedIn to find out information about individuals but also about organizations.

Blog – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website can improved if an organization’s  blog is part of the website and new blog posts are regularly posted.  The more inbound links from reputable sites a web page has, the better chances it will rank high in search engines. And blogs tend to receive more inbound links than traditional web pages. Especially when the content is fresh, remarkable and highly relevant.

Facebook – Most people use Facebook. Often this is the first place for people to go to check out an organization.  Make sure the Facebook fan page has the proper messaging and branding.

YouTube – Videos are very  effective for an organization (especially a non-profit) to tell a story.  Make sure that your YouTube Channel has the right branding and messaging.

No matter if you are a law firm, B2B tech company or a non-profit, consider all the ways to get information about your organization (the doors) and make sure that they all have the right message, look and information.  Let me know your thoughts regarding your doors.

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