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Who is Your Community? You Better Find Out!!

Not everything is about lead generation in marketing.  Forming, maintaining and strengthening the organization’s community could be just as important.  A community is more than just a presence on the various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You need to know who your community is.  How do you create a community if you don’t know who it is for and who are the members?  If you don’t know then you should.  How do you communicate with your community and engage with them if the community members are unclear to you?  Have you ever discussed and written down who is in the community and the purpose for the community?  This post will discuss community and provide tips to enhance your community.

Are the following part of your community?  Should they be?

  • Customers
  • Employees and their Families
  • Partners such as Resellers and Vendors
  • Influencers such as Blog Writers, Media and Consultants
  • Local Geographic Area Individuals


Some tips:

  1. Be focused – Have a goal and feel for the community.  Document it.
  2. Be there – Have a Community Manager that is responsive to the community.
  3. Be cohesive – When your organizations engages with the community make sure that it is consistent (branding and messaging).
  4. Pay attention – Listen to the community on what it thinks, wants and does.  Do not dictate to the community.
  5. Build trust – It takes a long time to build trust and it can be lost very quickly.
  6. Be where it makes sense – Be on the social networks that your community members are on and be consistent with your posting.
  7. Provide internal support for the Community Manager – Provide the tools necessary for the Community Manager to do their job and let the Community Manager be an advocate for the community members.
  8. Let the community develop its own personality and engage with each other – The community members should  feel a sense of empowerment. Communities cannot be ordered into existence, no matter how much they might need help getting there.  Your organization should build relationships with community members but more importantly get them to interact with each other.
  9. Measure – As long as the number of active followers is growing with the number of overall followers, you’re probably on the right path.  Another good measurement to look at is how visible your community site is.
  10. Fun=Win – A community is usually strong and growing if its members are having fun and getting what they want out of the community.  Try to make the community site fun and try to make sure that attendees to your user conference have fun.

Usually an organization (law firm, B2B tech company or non-profit) with a strong community is a successful organization.  Make sure that you focus on your community and you know its purpose and who its members are.  Hope these tips were beneficial.  Please send me your community thoughts.


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