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Promoting Your Event – Use Multiple Ways

PromoteNo matter if you are a company employee or a small business owner or a lawyer at a law firm, there will be times where you will need to promote a social/business event such as a training, user conference, trade show attendance or speaking engagement.

Here are some ways to promote an event:

1-Use your Newsletter

If you have a regular electronic newsletter to customers and partners mention the event there.   Make sure it is in the newsletter that provides them enough time to make travel arrangements.  Especially if the event is a user conference or a training that would educate the customer, a newsletter is the best place to mention.

2-Use your Website or Landing Page

Create a website page or a landing page and put information about that event there.  Especially if there is a lot of information to share on the event.  If you are going to do email promotion of the event then this is something that will need to be done.

3-Use Facebook

Post the event on your Facebook wall. Set up a Facebook group or a fan page.  Send out notifications to current fans and invitations to new people who might be interested.  For certain events consider buying ads.

4-Use LinkedIn

Share the event as a company update.  And have others post information about the event on relevant LinkedIn groups.  Or if the event is large enough and is for prospects then do a sponsored update.

5-Use Twitter

Tweet about the event often.  Link your tweets to your web page, landing page or Facebook page that has more information about the event.  Make sure you do tweets about the giveaways, raffle prizes, speakers or presentations at the event.

Always think creatively to make your event a unique and enjoyable experience.  Be creative in your promotion as well.  Event attendees all have their favorite communication methods so you need to promote using multiple methods including social media.  Hope you can implement these ways into your event promotional mix.  Send me your suggestions on how you promote events.

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