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Manage Your Product/Service Launch with Go to Market Planning

Are you launching a new product or service soon?  Have you determined what is necessary from a marketing point of view for the release?  You need to create a Go To Market (GTM) plan.

Months before a product or service is released,  marketing needs to be involved in product naming, product messaging, packaging (if applicable) and creating the GTM plan.Launch

At time of product release, the GTM plan could include some or all of the following:

  • Make the necessary changes to the website such as the product pages
  • Determine the promotional activity that will need to be done such as email campaigns. Related to this is the creation of the email target list for customers and prospects (or anyone else that needs to know about the product release)
  • Determine the awareness activity that would be necessary such as an announcement on the website, a press release and discussions with the media
  • Remember to do the necessary Social Media posts about the product release
  • Create any collateral that is necessary such as a brochure or white paper
  • Does the product release affect any of the trade show materials such as displays, signage or giveaways
  • Determine if product related blog post should be done
  • Update the Sales Team demo presentation decks
  • Update the internal site (SharePoint, Wiki, Shared Drive, etc.) with marketing materials for the product release
  • Determine if product related video should be done

And after the release, the GTM plan could include the following marketing activities:

  • Mention of product release to the customer base in an email newsletter
  • Create any other collateral that is necessary such as a case study or customer testimonial videos
  • Continued promotion activity including a nurture campaign or drip marketing campaign. Gather your contacts for your target list
  • Does the product release merit a webinar?  If so, get it scheduled, create the presentation and promote the webinar
  • Reach out to partners, influencers (bloggers) and media about the product release and make sure that they have the necessary information they need

Of course every company is different.  And every product release is different.  And the activities by marketing could be affected greatly by the structure of the company’s Product Management and Product Marketing teams.  Tailor your GTM plan to your company and release.  But hopefully this blog post gives you a feeling of the necessity of a GTM plan and the activities that could be part of it.  Let me know what you think.

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