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Review Your Organization’s Online Experience

Periodically, an organization should review its online presence and what is the experience that individuals (customers, prospects, partners, media, etc.) have on that online presence.


No matter if you are a law firm, a non-profit or a B2B tech company, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can people find your organization?  Make sure that you use the right key words so that you can be found.
  2. When they do find you, do they have a good user experience?  Make sure that your online presence is well-designed, easy to use, friendly, informative and clean looking.  Make sure that the top navigation is easy to use and links are in the footer.
  3. Can people stay connected with your organization?  Make sure that you promote your social media networks so that they can follow you.  Make sure that you have a newsletter signup method if you have a regular newsletter that you email out.  Make it easy for people to contact you.
  4. Do they feel that you know your stuff?  You want your organization to be perceived as an expert and thought leader.  Information online should not only be sales related.  Have blog posts and white papers that convey expertise.
  5. Do they know what the next step should be?  Make sure you have calls to action on pages.  Ask for a contact us for demo or a register for a webinar or go to the shopping cart to purchase.  Guide the individual to where you want them to go.

My suggestion is that once a year the marketing team should hold a brainstorming meeting to review the above questions and come up with a list of changes that need to be made.

Hope that the above helps in improving an organization’s online presence, not matter if organization is a law firm, a B2B tech company or a non-profit.  Feel free to comment on ways that an online presence can be approved.

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