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Ten B2B Marketing Thoughts


ThoughtsI thought I would post today about some thoughts I have regarding business to business (B2B) marketing.

  1. There are no set rules in marketing for any company.  Each company is different.  Figure out what is best for your company and implement the necessary marketing activities to generate sales and create a community.
  2. Make sure that you promote the value of your product, service or solution and that it outweighs the costs.
  3. Use Inbound Marketing.  Let the prospect come to you.  They will buy your product, service or solution because they have a genuine need for it.
  4. Listen!  To your employees, to your partners, to your customers and to any influencers (bloggers, consultants, media).
  5. You are not marketing to a business.  You are marketing to a person.  It is not about you.  It is about them.
  6. Stay engaged.  Use nurture campaigns or drip marketing.  Be responsive on support issues and product requests.  Hold user conferences.  Let customers engage through social media and be persistent with social media.  No does not mean no.  It means not now.
  7. Get testimonials.  People like to hear that others have had success with your product, service or solution.
  8. Have buyer personas.  Know who your buyer is, document their pain points and educate staff about the buyer’s journey.
  9. Know your competition.  Find out where they are succeeding and beating you.  And do something about it.
  10. Don’t forget the tools you need.  Have a CRM system and a Marketing Automation solution (like HubSpot) which are integrated and that you can get measurements from.  Have a budget that you follow.

These are just some of the thoughts to be successful in marketing when working at a B2B company.  Feel free to comment additional thoughts.

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