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No New Year Resolutions for Me – Here are My 2013 Goals

newyearThe end of the year is a time of reflection. What did I get done this year? What did I not get done this year? What do I want to accomplish next year? Many people make New Year resolutions. Most don’t happen. I prefer setting goals.

Here they are my goals (personal and business) for 2013, written down so that I can always see them.

  1. Tweet at least twice a day (except when on vacation).  Posts need to be interesting to myself or to others.
  2. Do at least one blog post per months that are interesting to me or to others.
  3. Read at  least one business or personal improvement book a month and write a book  review on it.
  4. Change my LinkedIn profile at least once a week so that I stay top of mind with my  connections. This change could be any of the following: add a connection, add a recommendation, add a group or update my status.
  5. Post at  least once a month to Facebook just to let others know that I’m still around and kicking.
  6. Attend one business conference that I will enjoy and be beneficial to me professionally. NMX in Vegas in January is the chosen conference.
  7. Have on  average one lunch a week with a friend or business associate (except when on  vacation).  Hopefully these are individuals that I can help in some way.
  8. Review personal and work email at least twice a day (except when on vacation) and reply to  necessary emails quickly.
  9. Provide  the necessary income for my family to live comfortably.
  10. Plan a reunion get together for old work friends.
  11. Plan a reunion get together with college buddies.
  12. Attend at least one networking event a month so that I meet new people and stay connected with individuals in my network.
  13. Select at least one non-profit organization that I will connect with and donate money to.
  14. Read at least one personal book per month and update my book journal so that I can remember what I thought of the book.
  15. Go on a  great vacation with my wife (and possibly sons if they want to go).  Planning on a Big Island of Hawaii trip since we have never been to this particular island.
  16. Go on three long weekend adventures with my wife so that we break up our routine and enjoy new places.
  17. Go to the gym and exercise at least three times a week as well as do two walks a week.
  18. Give blood to the Red Cross at least twice.
  19. Eat  healthier.
  20. Clean and organize the garage.  Time to unclutter our living space.

I believe the above goals very doable (except maybe clean and organize the garage since that one seems to always be on the list). I suggest you make your list of own goals. Write them down so that they are more likely to happen. How do your goals compare with mine? Where you can please assist me on accomplishing my goals and let me know how I can help you with your goals.

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  1. January 15, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Good luck with the goals, Jim. That’s one mighty long list! Looks like you’ve got a busy year ahead (glad you crossed off NMX early as it was great to see you!).

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