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Last Post of the Year 2012 – Thank You and Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a great 2013.
I’m very happy that 2012 is over and that a new year is upon us.   A new year always means new hope.  In December we had great tragedy in Connecticut.  Let’s hope that something like that never happens again.   Just like at the beginning of a hockey season (which I sure miss) there is always hope as your team is equal to everyone else and could win the Stanley Cup.  Please take some time to reflect on 2012, set goals for 2013 and do some planning on whatever it is you do professionally as well as personally.  Remember “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Some thanks:
  • Thank you to my family for putting up with me.  I have fortunate to have a great wife and 2 great sons.
  • Thank you to my friends especially those that I interact with through social media.
  • Thank you to the people I work with.   I work at a great company, Evisions.  I love the company and the people I work with. I also love the challenge of the position, Director of Marketing.  We grew a lot in 2012 and have big plans for 2013.
  • Thank you to my blog readers for your readership, support, and participation. I don’t blog often but do appreciate any feedback you give me.  When talking to friends or family or reading an article, I still say to myself, “Oh, I must write a blog post about that” or “I should do a Twitter post on that”. I want to thank my readers for reading, for sharing your experiences and suggestions, and for asking your questions. I appreciate your engagement with me.
  • Thank you to my Twitter followers and those that I follow. Everyday I learn something new from the people I follow on Twitter. Again, I appreciate your engagement with me. I am looking forward to the opportunity in 2013 to meet more of the people I follow.
  • Thank you to my connections on LinkedIn. This are my closest people to me in business. Many of these connections I have worked with and they are a part of me. I have connected with people that I knew when I was in elementary, middle and high school as well as college.  It is a great tool in staying connected with people you care about.  Thanks also to the individuals that manage the groups that I partake in and to the people that submit content to these groups.  It is a great tool for staying informed and in touch.
  • Thank you to all of my Facebook friends. I love seeing your posts and photos.
Please take a few days off over this holiday season to spend time with loved ones, with your mind cleared of work ideas and to-dos. Downtime is vital for recharging your energy, creativity and perspective. I want to wish you and those you care about all the best.
Let’s make 2013 a great year. Just Do It!
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