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No Time for Company Blog. Here’s Why You Should Make Time

blogA blog is a useful communication tool. Creating a blog is easy. Ideas for the blogs posts are easy. But consistent writing, reviewing posts, editing posts and monitoring responses to the blog takes time which is something that most small business owners or managers don’t have.

So why do?

Here’s why:
1) Gives Your Sales Team Information to Pass Along. Touches with prospects are important. A good sales person will send the link to a blog post that is relevant to that prospect. The Sales Team should pass along to the Marketing Team what blog posts would help them in their sales efforts.
2) Expose Your Business to Influencers. If you have an excellent product or service with a blog you have the ability to attract influencers. These influencers have a network and can spread the word about your product or service.
3) Stay Top of Mind with Customers. Customers want to hear from you and a blog is one of the marketing activities to be used (an email newsletter is another). Publish useful content so there will be a reason for a customer to stay a customer.
4) Educate Prospects. Prospects often seek out information to better inform their purchase decision and a blog is an excellent place for this.
5) Improve Web Traffic. Curious blog visitors will check out other pages on your company website. A blog can have a positive impact on search engine ranking results. Blogs help search engine results because they are full of keywords.
6) Show What You Know. Be a trusted adviser in your target market with blog posts that are helpful and insightful. To position yourself as an expert, keep pace with news and new technological advances in your industry. Share photos, videos and interesting information about your business.
7) Make People Aware of Your Company’s Culture. The words you use in your blog make your customers feel comfortable. And it makes them feel they belong to your community. Also, perspective employees can be attracted to your company.
8) Get Instant Feedback from Your Customers. A blog answers your customers’ concerns and questions in a timely manner in the comment area. A blog provides an opportunity to interact with audiences, and exchange thoughts, believes, and ideas.
9) Be Dynamic. A blog is more dynamic than a website. Frequent great content shows responsiveness, dedication, commitment and expertise. A dynamic blog raises credibility.
10) Discuss Company News and Policies. A blog is a great place to highlight company news in an easy to understand wording. Share information beyond a press release. Let your customers understand your business policies.
11) Strengthen Your Brand. A blog provides an opportunity to how your company will be perceived in the marketplace. Consistent branding leads to customer loyalty.

A blog can easily and quickly communicate with an audience (usually much easier than a website) and allows sharing of information about your company.

Share me your thought on benefits for small businesses to blog.

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