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My 3 Words for 2012 – Relax, Engage, Active

The beginning of a new year is always exciting. You can start new.  You are hopefull for a great year.  You are optimistic. It is a time to refect and plan for the year.
Just like last year, I’ve picked three words that I will keep in mind throughout 2012.  The 3 words idea came to me when I read What Matters Now, a series of short essays each on a different word. It’s a free ebook conceived by Seth Godin and edited by Ishita Gupta.  Chris Brogan has encouraged others to select their 3 words for the year.
My 3 words for 2012 are Relax, Engage and Active.
My mind is always on the go.  I do think about work way to much.  Often times waking up with thoughts of what needs to get done at work.  I do need to RELAX more and not worry about work, family and the future all the time.  Nothing is gained by being stressed.  I will take more moments to relax in 2012.

ENGAGE – 2011 was a busy year for me.  I did many things but often times they were done either individually or with my team at work.  I am much better at engaging with people then doing individual tasks.  I need to get out more and talk to clients, vendors, partners, employees and consultants.  I need to travel more and go where they are.  I need to expand myself and my comfort zone.  It will be fun to get out and ENGAGE with others and be very beneficial to myself, others and my company.


ACTIVE – To get stuff done I need to be ACTIVE and “Just Do It” or “Ship It”. I need to have energy so eating right, getting the necessary sleep and working out are very important.  I need to stop sitting behind my desk and get outside and walk more.

I will try to keep these 3 words in mind throughout the year.
In 2011 my 3 words were focus, streamline and active.  I think I did a good job on the 1st 2 words but definitely could have done better on the 3rd word.  That is why I kept it for 2012.
What are your three words for 2012?
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