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Start Your Product/Service Launch with a Key Messaging Document

KMDWhen a product or service is launched by your organization (whether it be a law firm, non-profit or B2B technology company) you need to have consistent messaging.  This is accomplished by having a Key Messaging Document (KMD) which is done by the marketing product manager or individual that understands the purpose of the product.  Sometimes if there is disagreement on messaging or messaging wording then having a meeting to discuss is helpful.  Once you have a KMD completed and approved, the press release can be written as well as the FAQ and presentation for sales training.  The KMD should be no more than a page and a half but preferably one page.

The KMD should contain the following information:

  • Official product name as well as the internal product name if there is one
  • Marketing champion(s) which is the person or persons responsible for the KMD
  • Mention what is being announced
  • Dates including announce date and release date if different from announce date
  • Approvers of KMD which should be the boss of the marketing champion and others from different areas of the company so that the messaging is agreed to by a variety of people
  • Proposed news release title which should be descriptive and catchy
  • Key messages to convey as well as a question and answer to question for this message
  • Compelling value to clients such as faster, cheaper, greener, easier, etc.
  • Competitive positioning
  • Target audience of messaging such as partner sales reps, industry analysts, press, lawyers and end users
  • Supporting external quotations such as a from a client or partner
  • Related event(s) and their date(s) such as a trade show that the announcement will be made

There should be no more than 5 key messages. And they should be short, 1 to 2 sentences maximum.  Make sure the messages are benefits and not features.  Remember that a benefit usually revolves around saving time, saving money or increasing satisfaction (such as happier employees).

An example of a message, question and answer is:
M: Gain time savings of your staff with the easy to use <product feature>
Q: Do you spend too much time investigating when <enter problem> occurs?
A: If so, the <product name> by <your company> saves time due to its <product feature>.

Try to get the KMD completed at least a month before the product or service launch so that other documents such as news release, website content, presentations and launch FAQ can be completed. Having a clear concisely worded KMD will make the launch more effective.  This important document will be used often during the launch. A KMD will also assist everyone being on the same page.  I would love to hear your thoughts on how you get everyone on the same messaging page.

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