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Create a Social Media Update Checklist So Others Can Be Involved

Social media activities for a business, law firm or nonprofit organization must be consistent and include a variety of information.  This information comes from a variety of sources.  Set a goal of how many updates you want to have in a given week or month.  Also determine what is the best time of day to do updates.  Remember if you are updating for people on the East Coast of the United States or those overseas to view then you should adjust your times to fit them.  Decide on what social media tools you will be using such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and WordPress.  Create a document with the process on how updates occurs with each of these tools so that someone other than the main person can make these updates.


Remember that information for updates can come from many sources including:

  • Marketing created items such as new releases, trade shows, webinars, case studies, product releases and white papers
  • Posts on an organization’s blog
  • Videos from an organization’s YouTube channel
  • Emails from employees about clients, industry experts and partners such as employee awards won, partner achievements, client achievements, relevant articles related to a specific industry or community service
  • Information from Google Alerts, newsletters, Facebook posts, LinkedIn discussions, Twitter searches, other Twitterers or Email blasts

For each social media tool used, write down the steps to do the updates including website to log into such as http://www.hootsuite.com for Twitter and the log in information.  Document the steps to do the updates.  If it is a Facebook Fan Page, mention how to get to the page and what kind of updates go on the Fan Page.  If it is a LinkedIn group for the organization mention who the managers of the group are.  If it is YouTube, mention how videos are uploaded to the channel.

Mention how information that is received is reviewed for possible use as updates.  I suggest that information from employees come via emails.  And that once a week, (I recommend it be on a Friday) that the designated social media coordinator reviews all possible update candidates and plans out the next week’s updates.  Of course, there will be items that occur that need to be updated immediately but many updates can be scheduled in advanced.  Also some updates can be repeated a few times.  During this review the social media coordinator can determine what information will be used as updates, determine when updates should occur and for Twitter, schedule them for posting for the next week.  Some items will need more information from the sender or researched further.  Some items will need to be discussed with the social media’s manager on update appropriateness, wording and timing.

The main point it to make sure that all of this information is not in one person’s head.  People do leave the organization, people do get sick and people do go on vacation.  Having an update checklist will help ensure that your social media updates are consistent.

Feel free to share your social media checklists with me.

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