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Have Organizations Forgotten How to Hire? Absolutely!

With the economy the way it is, companies and nonprofit organizations have had to go short staffed. They let many good people go, including managers that knew how to hire and human resource personnel that understood how to recruit, respond to prospective employees and hire employees. Many times hiring processes are not documented and how to hire a new employee is located in someone’s head that is no longer there. If organizations don’t know how to replenish their staff or hire to tackle new projects they will slowly erode away. In my past job searches, I have dealt with a few companies that frustrated me so much, I have decided to never work for them, even if they did offer me a position. Just the common courtesy of responding to my resume submission would be nice. I’ve taken the time to submit, please take the time to say thanks for the submission. A job submission usually takes at least 30 minutes, so taking a minute or two with a thanks for submission email, preferably by a human, would be nice. I have a long memory and companies that did a poor job of handling my resume I will always remember. And I tell my friends not to bother interviewing at these organizations as well. I’m not surprised when I hear of prospective employees and recruiters putting certain organizations on an informal blacklist. They deserve it. If a company treats prospective employees poorly, I wonder how they treat their customers. My guess if very similarly.



Organizations need to have a hiring process in place and documented. Here are some examples of questions that need to be answered by an organization in its hiring process:

* Who writes the job description and who approves it?
* Who determines the compensation for the position?
* How and where do we post job openings? (Monster, Linkedin, etc.)
* How do we respond to people that submit resumes to us?
* Who will review candidates?
* How will references be checked?
* Will we work with a recruiter or staffing company, and if so, what kind of fee would we pay?

Organizations always need to be in the hiring frame of mind. Make sure your organization has the following:

* Career section to your website.
* Templates for documents that you send to prospective employees.
* Document explaining the organization’s benefits.
* Overview sheet on your organization on who you are, which could be the company marketing brochure.
* Employee referral program.

You need to sell the organization to a prospective employee just as much as they are selling to you to get hired. If you look disorganized or if you don’t respond properly to a prospective employee you will lose them. If you find someone that you want, don’t make them wait. Respond to their emails or phone calls. Be honest with them. Let me know that there will be a meeting to discuss the position the next day when the boss is back in town.

An organization who emphasizes hiring and who is always looking for key talent has an advantage over those that don’t. And in this competitive times, you need an advantage over your competitors. Maybe your hiring process and your employees are your advantage. An organization needs a culture that emphasizes hiring excellent people. Upper management should mention to the current staff that they should be always be on the look out for good and great talent that would fit into the organization. Explain to your employees who they should pass this person’s information to.

Top talent it out there. Much like an organization needs to be consistent with social media, an organization needs to be consistently attracting excellent talent. Organizations that know how to hire also usually know how to keep their existing employees happy since they are well run.
Thanks for allowing me to rant and let’s remember how to hire again.

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