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Last Post of 2009 – Thank You and Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and wish everyone a great 2010.  The past year has been trying for many (myself included) but I am looking forward to 2010.  A new year always means new hope.  Just like at the beginning of the baseball season there is always hope as your team is equal to everyone else and could win the World Series.  Please take some time to reflect on 2009, set goals for 2010 and do some planning on whatever it is you do professionally as well as personally.

Holiday Snowman

My, how my life has changed this year.  I have gone from a work in the office traditional marketing person to a work at home social media marketing person.  I have had to adjust from an 8 to 5 routine to a consultant where I control my own routine.  I had to learn new marketing tools and am amazed how great they are.

First of all, I want to thank my family for putting up with me while I have learned the new marketing tools.  Traditional marketing still exists, but those of us in marketing have had to learn all the new social media marketing tools and how they should be used for our clients, company or organization.


I want to thank my friends and business associates.  Thank you to my clients, the ones that pay me for my services and the ones that I volunteer my services for.  I am here for you if you need me.

In this last blog of the year, I want to thank all my blog readers for your readership, support, and participation.   This is my 1st year of blogging and I now see things differently due to it and other social media avenues such as Twitter.  When talking to friend or family or reading an article, I now say  to myself, “Oh, I must write a blog post about that” or “I should Twitter that”. I want to thank my readers  for reading, for sharing your experiences and suggestions, and for asking your questions. I appreciate your engagement with me.

I want to thank all of my Twitter followers and those that I follow.  Everyday I learn something new from the people I follow on Twitter.   Again, I appreciate your engagement with me.  I am looking forward to the opportunity in 2010 to meet some of the people I follow.

I want to thank all of my connections on LinkedIn.  This are my closest people to me in business.  Many of these connections I have worked with and they are a part of me.   Thanks also to the individuals that manage the groups that I partake in and to the people that submit content to these groups.  Some of it I find quite useful.

I want to thank all of my Facebook friends.  This is the tool that it has taken my the longest to embrace and one of my tools for 2010 is to do better with Facebook.

I am thankful for the great marketing hardware products such as the Cisco Flip Video camera that I use to do my job.  What a simple tool to use.  I am thankful to all the social media software tool vendors for creating the tools that I use such as Hootsuite and UberTwitter.  I am thankful for the experts that I follow to gain insight and understanding such as Chris Brogan.

I hope you have had or will have the opportunity to take a few days off over this holiday season to spend time with loved ones, with your mind cleared of work ideas and to-dos.  Downtime is vital for recharging your energy, creativity and perspective.  I want to wish you and those you care about all the best .

Next year promises to be an exciting time, as I prepare to launch a host of  new content on my various avenues (Web, WordPress Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube).  Hopefully in 2010 I’ll provide you with some good information, thoughts and comments.  I’ll stay connected with you in 2010 and many I’ll see in 2010.  Let’s make 2010 a great year.  Just Do It!

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